Attention for HR Professionals – Top Five Health & Wellness Trends For 2022

As we are entering 2022, it is almost two years in the throes of the virus. 2021 was a rollercoaster of health warnings, government-mandated restrictions, vaccination rollouts, and finally, a lifting of some of those restrictions. But just as employees started returning to work, the coronavirus threw a curveball and threatened another large outbreak.

However, not everything has been negative. Within the health and wellness community, the pandemic has helped to focus on several areas that had been overlooked or not even discovered. Some of those are the most significant trends for health and wellness in 2022.

Stress and Mental Health

Work-related stress is not a new issue, but it finally receives the attention it deserves. Even before the pandemic, Americans suffered from high-stress levels. But the added pressures of health worries and caring for sick family members finally became too much and made sufferers speak out.

Employers and HR teams recognized the detrimental effects stress was having on their teams and workplace morale, no matter by what it was caused. They started encouraging steps to combat stress, whether taking breaks, working from home, or other workplace-based measures.

This trend reaches far beyond stress: the pandemic has finally made mental health a topic of open conversation. It is no longer a taboo subject and only happens to other people. This trend will continue and grow throughout 2022 as we navigate our way out of the pandemic.

Improving Health Through Food Choices

People are starting to connect their food choices and their health. It’s simply not possible to eat a high-fat, high-sugar, high-cholesterol diet and be in excellent health.

Over the past two years, the connection between food and health has been most important concerning our immune system. A solid immune system helped COVID-19 sufferers recover faster. However, there is more to this connection: the United States faces a diabetes epidemic, and changing the way people eat could prevent much of the suffering and thousands in healthcare costs.

Employers are starting to realize that they have a role to play in helping their teams east healthily. Whether it is stocking vending machines not only with sugary and salty snacks but also with fruit or offering a healthier choice at lunchtime, some have started offering diabetes screening at work to allow their teams to assess their health.

Sleep Hygiene

No doubt, the pandemic caused most Americans sleepless nights.

As more people are becoming aware of the importance of sleep for almost every aspect of our daily lives, and our mental and physical health, doctors have started looking at their patients’ sleep hygiene. Taking work to bed “just to finish it off,” for example, will not help you get a good night’s sleep. Keeping irregular bedtimes also disrupts your body’s natural rhythm.

As we learn more about the importance and the power of sleep, we believe this will become an even more significant part of the conversation. 

Vitamins Are Being Supercharged

For how long have you been told to take your vitamins? Decades, perhaps? Well, there is a new generation of vitamins on the horizon that will help you feel even better.

Let’s first clear some confusion: most of us use the term vitamins for vitamins and supplements, mainly minerals. In 2022, a different kind of supplement will be taking the market by storm. These new supplements contain micronutrients and other bioactive ingredients. They work harder for your body.

Plus, as plant-based or plant-centric lifestyles are becoming more popular, this trend is taking over the creation of supplements and even including plant-based protein blends.

Doctors Become Environmentalists

More and more physicians are taking a more holistic approach to their practice. Rather than treating only the symptoms, a patient presents with, and they are actively looking for the causes. The patient’s environment has a role to play more often than not.

They are also in a front-row seat to follow the effects of climate change from a unique vantage point. They are seeing more severe allergies and other impacts on patients’ health. While it was initially hard to make a clear connection, as more doctors are coming together in working groups, it is becoming clear how climate change is affecting health.

What Can You as An Employer or HR Professional Do?

HR teams and employers are responsible to their workforce to keep them safe at work. Do health and wellness come into this topic? Yes, it does because a healthy workforce will be more productive. Your organization’s healthcare costs will drop, and you will face fewer unplanned absences.

If that sounds like a mammoth task, and you are unsure how to start, find a reliable, established partner. There has never been a better time with the current high awareness of health and wellness issues.

Solutions like the health and wellness platform from TrueCare™ give you all the information and the facilities you need to help your team be happier and healthier in 2022.

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