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September 2, 2021

COVID-19 Response Protocol – Alabama

COVID-19 Response Protocol, Testing and Vaccination State by State Requirements - Alabama
September 1, 2021

Responding to the 3rd Wave of COVID-19

With a third wave of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths hitting record highs, it is important to consider how to respond better
August 31, 2021

TrueCare releases Vaccination Verification Service

TrueCare™ announced the release of their Vaccination Verification Service
August 23, 2021

TrueCare™ Library | School attendance

In this section we’re regularly publishing new articles related to the school absenteeism, risk associated and Attendance management solutions.
August 23, 2021

TrueCare™ Library | Diabetes

Welcome to the TrueCare™ Educational Library. In this section we’re regularly publishing new articles related to the Diabetes problems, risk associated and prevention solutions
August 22, 2021

Can Diabetes Be Cured?

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to dominate headlines throughout the United States and worldwide, another epidemic is on the rise – diabetes
August 22, 2021

The Delta Variant – How to Protect Yourself

The World Health Organization (WHO) classified Delta as a ‘variant of concern’ (VOC) because it is more infectious than previous strains of the virus
August 18, 2021

What Does Diabetes Affect the Most?

Diabetes is a chronic illness. Once type 2 diabetes has developed and been diagnosed, patients need to spend the rest of their lives dealing with it.
August 7, 2021

Concerns about Lambda COVID-19

As the Delta variant of the coronavirus leads to increased case numbers, hospitalizations, and deaths across the United States, other variants of the virus continue to develop. One of those is the Lambda variant
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