Ball Arena Flashbacks

Ball Arena Flashback | Video Highlights

Ball Arena was one of the six Community Vaccination Sites designed to support the state’s goal to provide vaccines for all.

After successfully administering over 100K vaccinations, the Ball Arena site was closed July 3rd.

Thanks to all of those who helped oversee this vaccination site, and those who trusted us to administer their vaccine.

Interview with Jerred Yeash

Jerred Yeash, TrueCare Operations manager shares his experience of setting up the largest vaccination site at Colorado.

Interview with Xander Rens

Xander Rens, Emergency Medical Technician talks about working for Ball Arena vaccination site in Colorado.

Patients’ testimonials

Patients vaccinated at Ball Arena, Colorado share their experience of being vaccinated with True Care team.

Interview with Amanda Robb

Amanda Robb, Administrative Assistant talks about her working experience at the Ball Arena vaccination site in Colorado.

Interview with Kat Kampfe

Kat Kampfe, Nurse shares her experience of working for the Ball Arena vaccination site in Colorado.


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