Biden calls for businesses to instate COVID vaccine mandates

President Joe Biden urges American businesses to start implementing the vaccine mandate for employees of companies with more than 100 staff. The mandate was announced in early September, but so far, numerous companies are holding off until the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) clarifies details. Private company employees can choose between vaccination and weekly testing.

Businesses Can Start Vaccinating Now

In a speech in Illinois earlier this month, Biden made it clear that he was expecting businesses to start acting on the mandate now. He urged businesses not to wait for the regulation to come into effect: “With vaccinations, we’re going to beat this pandemic finally. Without them, we face endless months of chaos in our hospitals, damage to our economy, and anxiety in our schools and empty restaurants and much less commerce,” Biden said.

OSHA, which is part of the Department of Labor, is thought to be weeks away from releasing detailed requirements. President Biden’s speech was part of a visit to an Illinois construction site managed by one of the area’s largest construction companies, Clayco. Clayco is one of the 3,500 companies ahead of the Biden mandate and already requires employees to become vaccinated.

Federal Employees and Contractors Face Deadline

Employees at federal agencies and contractors will not have a choice to “test out” of the mandate. They have also been given a deadline of November 22 to achieve complete vaccination. To meet the deadline, employees would need to receive their final vaccination by November 8. Those with medical or other reasons preventing them from becoming vaccinated will need to provide evidence.

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) allows federal agencies to start disciplinary proceedings against those unwilling to comply from November 9. Disciplinary action may lead to the termination of contracts, although the OPM is encouraging agencies to consider suspensions first. 

Challenges and Solutions for Businesses

Businesses across the United States are facing several challenges regarding the mandate. Understandably, HR professionals are holding off on implementation. Aside from a closer look at the challenges involved, help is available for those businesses without large HR departments to facilitate the performance of the mandate.

Why Companies Are Biding Their Time

Apart from offering vaccinations, businesses with more than 100 employees are required to collect and keep sensitive medical records of those inoculations. Data safety is a concern.

Managing vaccination events across different company locations can also be challenging for those with a diverse, mobile workforce or any organization with a limited admin function.

The potential choice of testing instead of vaccination poses its challenges: weekly testing may be relatively straightforward when primarily office-based teams. However, as working from home remains widespread, and some employees choose hybrid work models, fulfilling testing requirements may be challenging.

Where Companies Can Get Help

The majority of businesses covered by the Biden mandate don’t have medical professionals on their staff. For them, finding an experienced, competent partner is key to successfully implementing both vaccination programs and testing.

As a business owner or an HR professional, this implementation may seem daunting, but help is available via platforms like TrueCare™. Our newly compiled eBook is available for free download here and has all the information your business needs in one place.

Bringing in an experienced third party has several advantages for your business. First, you can schedule vaccinations and testing at times and locations to suit your organization and team. Second, cloud-based platforms allow you to store vaccination and testing information safely without implementing new processes in-house. As your business grows or contracts, the service will scale up or down accordingly.

Moreover, HR professionals get the peace of mind of knowing that certified medical professionals are handling the process of testing, data collecting, and vaccination as required.

Keep Your Organization Safe!

Why Vaccinations Are The Key To Beating The Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc with the world’s economy for over 18 months now. American businesses have suffered from lost productivity, illness, and death. At the same time, the country is facing a labor shortage.

While a large part of the U.S. population remains unvaccinated, the virus has the potential to mutate, creating more dangerous variants. The more people are vaccinated, the smaller the chance of new variants being created is.

Vaccinating your workforce is about protecting all staff – as well as their families, your suppliers, and many more. Using a partner with a proven track record and the logistical capacity to handle the requirements of large companies will make implementation easy. Smaller companies will benefit from a cloud-based service, offering competitive rates.

To start protecting your workforce now, get in touch and see what we can do for you.


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