COVID-19 Booster Shots Widely Authorized – What Businesses Need to Do Now

Businesses in the United States remain under pressure from the coronavirus pandemic. Though the new infections dropped by 15% to make 75,000 over the past week, the number of hospitalizations is still high. As the country is gearing up to implement the Biden vaccine mandate, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) just announced a more comprehensive range of booster shots, adding Moderna and Johnson & Johnson to the choices available. Here is what businesses need to consider now.

Who Is Eligible For Which Shots?

The FDA has made it easier for millions of Americans to receive a booster shot of the COVID-19 vaccine. The agency added the vaccines produced by Moderna and Johnson & Johnson to the list of available booster shots, alongside the shot made by Pfizer and BioNTech.

Regardless of which vaccine they initially received, Americans can choose any of the three authorized vaccines for their booster. It is good news for HR departments and managers hoping to facilitate booster shots for their workforce. Mixing and matching will help simplify logistics, especially for businesses needing to vaccinate staff across multiple sites.

The Johnson & Johnson booster shots become available to anyone aged 18 or older who received the first shot of the single-dose vaccine at least two months ago.

The Moderna booster will be the equivalent to a half dose of the original shot. The FDA cleared it for anyone 65 or older and adults at risk of severe illness or complications from COVID-19. Those who are likely to be exposed because of their jobs can also get a booster shot. The eligible population is the same for the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine, and boosters are available a minimum of six months after full vaccination.

Does My Team Need Booster Shots?

All vaccines lose some of their effectiveness as time passes. It is simply a typical characteristic, and it is why flu vaccines are recommended every year, for example.

FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock said that the agency’s data “suggests waning immunity in some populations who are fully vaccinated.” If some or all of your workforce is at high risk from COVID-19, offering them a booster shot will increase their immunity and protect them from severe disease or hospitalization. The FDA recommends that healthcare workers and teachers take advantage of booster shots, for example.

As an important consideration, especially as we are heading into the winter. Last year, winter saw the rate of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths increase. This year, booster shots have the potential to prevent a similar spike.

What Does Mixing & Matching Mean?

Both the FDA and most medical professionals expect people to choose the same vaccine for their booster shot as they had for their initial inoculation.

However, being able to receive another brand of the vaccine has several advantages. Doctors and their patients can change inoculation to avoid unwanted side effects. If a person struggles with their initial vaccinations, they may have a less severe reaction to another shot.

Experts have also highlighted the potential of an improved immune response. Combining the mRNA technology used in Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines with the adenovirus technology of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine may offer better protection.

THE FDA’S flexibility makes the rollout easier for HR professionals and managers looking to organize boosters for a large team. Rather than creating different vaccines available, businesses can choose to offer one vaccine for their entire workforce’s booster shots.

How Does This Influence The Biden Mandate?

As businesses are gearing up to fulfill the vaccination or testing requirements for companies employing 100 people or more, they have an opportunity to offer booster shots at the same time.

While some businesses continue to wait for the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) to announce exact guidelines for the mandate, others have started vaccinating their entire workforce.

However, the government continues to face pushback over the mandate. Federal officials have been approached by more than 40 groups or individuals who have questions or concerns about the mandate.

Next steps

To work with a reputable and experienced partner to implement a comprehensive vaccination and testing program is an essential task for businesses to tackle the mandate.

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The technology also allows companies to implement cost-effective testing regimes should employees decide against vaccinations.

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