COVID-19 Response Protocol – Alaska

September 1, 2021


The state of Alaska does not mandate that international or interstate travelers entering into Alaska obtain covid-19 testing or vaccination.  However, some communities do REQUIRE covid-19 testing or proof of negative test result before being allowed in that community for unvaccinated individuals. Please check and comply with local emergency ordinances in each community.  You can find a link to this requirement HERE  

The state of Alaska further clarifies that anyone who is actively infected or diagnosed with COVID-19 should not enter into the state until the appropriate quarantine period is over and the traveler is asymptomatic and is released by a healthcare provider. Furthermore, the state of  Alaska has issued Health Advisories that recommend that unvaccinated travelers obtain COVID-19 testing before entering into the state. The state of Alaska currently does not mandate COVID-19 vaccination verification for individuals  to enter into Alaska  and does not mandate that businesses require proof of vaccination for consumers to provide services.

Private employers and healthcare facilities may mandate COVID-19 testing and vaccination as an employment requirement for current and new employees.




  • Community/Local Emergency Ordinances may require testing for travel requirements
  • Private employers and healthcare facility may mandate testing as employment requirements


Private employers and healthcare facility may mandate vaccination as employment requirements

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