COVID-19 Response Protocol – Arizona

September 1, 2021


Arizona state law prohibit COVID-19 vaccination mandates for government or public employees but allows private businesses and private healthcare facilities to require(mandate) covid-19 vaccination, testing, and masking, as a requirement for employment but must provide reasonable accommodation for those who exempt from vaccination due to religious or health reasons. 

Public K-12 schools and universities can not mandate that employees be vaccinated, be tested, or wear a mask but private schools and universities may mandate vaccination. Public schools are also prohibited from requiring proof of vaccinations for students. However, private schools may require proof of vaccination for enrolled students or regularly scheduled testing. 

It is prohibited by the state of Arizona to require vaccine verification or passports by businesses to consumers to receive services.




Private employer and schools may mandate testing as a requirement for employment or enrollment


Private employers and school may mandate vaccination as employment or enrollment requirement

Vaccine Pass


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