COVID-19 Vaccination Program For Companies And Institutions

The third wave of COVID-19 is raging and vaccination programs for companies and institutions can help us to prevent new outbreaks.

The third wave of COVID-19 is raging across the United States with some states hitting record-high numbers for infections. Time Magazine has written about a fourth wave of infections already, driven by the Delta variant of the virus. As hospitals are filling up once more, companies and institutions have a unique opportunity to prevent further illness.

COVID-19 In the United States At A Glance

Once again, COVID-19 is spreading rapidly across the United States, with the seven-day moving average of infections exceeding 130,000 people per day. This is a very different picture from the number presented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as recently as June.

Two months ago, the equivalent number was just over 11,000 daily infections. Nationwide, the seven-day average remains below the peak we saw in January 2021. However, some states are already exceeding their previously recorded peaks, leaving hospitals and healthcare facilities to fear the worst.

Why Vaccination Matters More Than Ever Before

Effective COVID-19 vaccines are widely available and have been for months, with supply outstripping demand. Whilst Americans were scrambling to get a vaccine earlier in the year and week-on-week vaccination rates increased fast, they are now growing slowly.

Just over 50% of Americans are fully vaccinated, and over 60% have received at least one dose. However, more than 100 million Americans remain unvaccinated.

Some states are covered better than others: Vermont has vaccinated nearly 70% of its residents, while Alabama is lacking with a vaccination rate of over 30%. However, in both states reopening progresses at the same rate, leaving unvaccinated people open to infection and serious illness.

In many communities, vaccination rates are too low to prevent new outbreaks. White House chief medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci has said that the current wave of infections is driven by Americans who remain unvaccinated.

Nearly every patient currently hospitalized with COVID-19 in the United States is unvaccinated. Whilst there have been breakthrough infections in those who have been vaccinated, the vaccines continue to protect against severe disease. The conclusion is clear: all the vaccines currently approved in the U.S. are highly effective against COVID-19.

How Companies and Institutions Can Help Vaccinate More People

Increasing the percentage of vaccinated Americans is no longer about the supply and demand of vaccines. It is now about making it easy and convenient to get vaccinated and about understanding the importance for the community.

Businesses and institutions have an opportunity to help protect their workforce. They can share the latest scientific data with employees and offer convenient in-house vaccinations.

In-house vaccinations are cost-effective for companies and institutions. They are especially useful if your teams have unpredictable schedules and struggle to make and keep appointments off-site during working hours. On-site vaccination in your premises is just as safe as it would be at a medical facility, assuming you work with a licensed provider.

End-To-End Service

Health & Wellness platform offered by TrueCare™ adheres to all requirements and quality measures stipulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Your team will be vaccinated by fully qualified, locally based medical professionals. They will provide full personal protective equipment (PPE) for the event and take charge of vaccine supply and transport. The service also covers reporting requirements at county, state, and federal levels.

Safety As A Priority

Offering vaccinations in-house means there is a medical professional on-site in case anyone develops side effects from the vaccination. Whilst side effects have received much headline attention, severe reactions to the vaccines remain rare.

Side effects to any vaccine usually happen within six weeks of vaccination. To be on the safe side, the FDA required the COVID-19 vaccines to be studied for eight weeks after trial participants received the final dose.

Of those vaccinated, most people mentioned pain at the injection site. This is a very common reaction to any vaccination and not unique to COVID-19. Headaches, tiredness, and fever were also mentioned. None of those side effects caused long-term health problems.

By offering vaccinations in-house you have a medical professional available to assess any immediate reactions. This is a great way of reassuring staff and others with concerns about side effects.

Protecting The Unvaccinated

Not everyone can have a COVID-19 vaccine. Those with underlying medical conditions and children are currently not eligible.

As the Delta variant of COVID-19 is causing a small number of breakthrough infections, those vaccinated can still spread the illness. Apart from offering in-house vaccinations, consider your company’s or institution’s policy on mask-wearing and social distancing. Both can significantly reduce the risk to your unvaccinated staff.

How To Get Started

Companies and institutions can make vaccinations available safely, conveniently, and easily through in-house vaccination events.

Using a reputable provider means you can increase health equity for your employees and other personnel, helping them protect themselves, their loved ones, and the wider community.

Make your workplace safer!

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