In early September, U.S. President Joe Biden announced a sweeping vaccine mandate for large companies. Any business with more than 100 employees has to ensure their team is vaccinated or regularly tested for Covid-19. Whilst the Department of Labor and the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) are working on emergency temporary details for the plan, businesses have time to get ready.

  • This eBook is designed to provide HR professionals and business owners with all the details regarding the recently introduced COVID-19 mandate, what it means for the organizations, and most importantly what are the next steps to proceed. 
  • This eBook also gives a clear and simple Workplace Guide for Vaccination Recording and Management.

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TrueCare™ is a nationwide Health & Wellness platform for families and businesses providing end-to-end solutions for COVID-19 testing, screening, vaccination, home care, and corporate well-being services.

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