Getting a Timely COVID-19 Test for International Travel Made Easy

Over the past few weeks, more and more countries have opened their borders to international business travelers. As airports, hotels, and other facilities see more traffic, and it is not yet “business as usual.” COVID-19 testing and other precautions remain in place to keep travelers and the rest of the population safe. They are completing a COVID-19 test no more than one day before traveling is one of the central requirements of most countries. Proctored testing offers a convenient testing process that produces valid results quickly. It is the ideal solution for business travelers.

COVID-19 Testing Requirements for International Travel

International travelers looking to board a flight to the United States must comply with federal Covid testing regulations. Created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), those regulations apply to U.S. citizens and other travelers.

Currently, anyone traveling to the United States by plane needs to show a negative COVID-19 viral test completed one day or less before the person traveled. Airlines require the test result as a condition of check-in. Alternatively, anyone who has recently recovered from the infection caused by the coronavirus needs thy show two documents. The check-in staff will want to see the positive test no older than 90 days, and a medical certificate confirming the person is fit to travel.

As business travel is starting to increase and American companies look to re-establish their connections abroad, it is essential to understand exact requirements. These may include rules passed by individual states as well as federal regulations.

Proctored testing combines the benefits of telehealth with the convenience of testing at home, at work, or while traveling.

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International Requirements Differ

As the delta and omicron variants of COVID-19 spread worldwide, they were hitting some countries later than others. At the same time, case numbers have been declining across the United States for weeks. Omicron is still spreading in other locations.

Executives planning to travel internationally need to be aware of the testing requirements at their destination. Despite the apparent decline of the virus worldwide, vaccination remains the most effective protection against infection with COVID-19. Anyone looking to travel internationally over the coming months would benefit from being fully vaccinated, including a booster shot.

In addition to vaccination, it is essential to check both the destination country’s rules and the airline’s requirements concerning the coronavirus. If your destination requires a pre-arranged visa, you may need to prove your COVID-19 status twice – when you apply for the visa and again at the time of check-in.

One Solution to Address Your COVID-19 Testing Needs

Timing is crucial if your team requires a negative COVID-19 test to facilitate international travel. Under the current CDC regulations, travelers must take tests within one day of traveling to qualify for entry into the U.S.

Fitting those tests into busy international schedules can be tricky, primarily as testing facilities may not operate 24/7. This is why proctored testing is ideal for fulfilling airline and government requirements without adding to the stress of travel preparations.

How Proctored Testing Works

Proctored testing powered by TrueCare™ combines the flexibility of at-home testing with the reassurance of medical supervision. Anyone planning to travel purchases an at-home test kit online. This kit ships directly to their home or office address.

Once the person is ready to conduct their test, they connect to their qualified proctor. Proctors are certified to guide prospective travelers through the testing process. They will explain how to use the swab test correctly and supervise clients throughout the procedure.

Testing can be scheduled around the clock and takes about 30 minutes to complete. It includes a training video and the test itself. Throughout the duration, the proctor is online with the test person to answer any questions or provide further instructions. Once the test is complete, you upload your results to the dashboard and are ready to fly.

Anyone planning to fly internationally can pre-order their test kit and have it ready in their luggage for their return flight.

What About In-House Testing?

Proctored testing is ideal for companies that need to fit COVID-19 testing around busy travel schedules. If your organization has more time or would like to offer to test to your entire workforce, consider arranging in-house testing events.

TrueCare™’s medically qualified and licensed staff can come to your premises and take care of the logistics, no matter the size of your workforce. Each aspect is taken care of, from arriving with test kits and personal protection equipment (PPE) to removing any medical waste after the event.

International business travel is making a comeback in 2022, saying that it is clear that additional precautions will likely remain in place for some time to come. Proctored COVID-19 testing ensures that your team travels stress-free and avoids delays caused by a lack of the correct documentation.

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