Health strategies to overcome COVID-19 related stress

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unforeseen changes and challenges to all of us over the past year. Personal and professional lives have been disrupted like never before.

It is only natural to react by feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious. However, through coping strategies and perhaps some external help, its possible to deal with the pandemic’s impact.

Sources of Stress and Anxiety

To develop meaningful coping strategies it is useful to understand what causes individuals to feel stressed and anxious. Sources of stress can vary greatly between different people. However, due to the unique disruptions caused by the pandemic, there are several common reasons.

Uncertainty is one unifying cause of stress. Over the past year to 15 months, it has been impossible to plan ahead for what we generally consider common events in our lives. This includes family celebrations and holidays. In fact, being separated from and unable to have physical contact with family members and friends is another common cause for stress.

Many people faced uncertainty over their employment and financial situation. Those who started working from home often missed the structure of an office day. A lack of routine is one of the most frequent causes for raised stress levels. Frontline workers, on the other hand, might have felt overwhelmed by the responsibility and the sheer amount of work.

Add to that the fear of being infected with SARS-Cov-2 and uncertainty about how to protect ourselves and our loved ones, and it is easy to see why stress and anxiety levels rose. 

Developing Coping Strategies

Short-term stress can be useful to help us focus. However, the prolonged stress caused by the pandemic is detrimental to people’s mental health and immune system. Therefore, it is important to control and limit stress and anxiety.

  • Acknowledge feelings of stress and anxiety. It is completely normal to feel stressed by the changes and uncertainties many of us have faced over the past year. Talking to friends or close family members will help. It will also make it clear that you are not the only one who is experiencing these emotions. Check in regularly with loved ones. Whilst you may not yet be able to meet in person yet, it will help you remain close.
  • Create a new routine. If the pandemic continues to disrupt your normal daily routine, introduce new routines. For those working from home, this may mean making time for breakfast before dialing into video calls, for example. Schedule breaks for lunch or a selfcare ritual to ensure you are taking time for yourself.
  • Manage your social contacts. Feeling isolated can cause anxiety attacks. However, starting to meet people again after months of social distancing, might lead to the same reaction. Humans are excellent at adapting to new circumstances. Just as it took time to adapt to staying at home, allow yourself time to adapt to socializing again. Start slowly and consider meeting outside initially to transition gradually to a more varied social life.
  • Follow medical guidance. Much of our feelings of stress and anxiety currently comes from concern about our health. With new variants of COVID-19 being discovered, it is too early to consider going back to normal life. Following recommendations including mask wearing and hand hygiene will help you feel safer and more protected.
  • Select your news wisely. Whilst it is important to stay up to date, constant exposure to news updates and alerts may add to feelings of uncertainty and being overwhelmed. Choose reputable news outlets for your updates and try to check facts before sharing them widely.

Whilst coping strategies can help reduce stress and anxiety, consider getting external help. This is especially useful if your team is returning to work after months of working from home.

Where To Get Help

TrueCare™ can help with practical solutions to take the stress out of returning to work for your team. We also offer a range of home-based solutions.

At Work Solutions

Creating a safe work environment for employees means testing for COVID-19 symptoms, off-site screening where necessary, and arranging vaccinations.

TrueCare™ testing solutions include onsite antigen, antibody and PCR tests throughout the day. The testing program is flexible and designed to integrate with your company’s COVID-19 response strategy.  

At Home Solutions

TrueCare™ brings the strong attention to detail and level of care to our home care services.

Solutions range from running errands and providing transportation to full-time, live-in care. You can choose and personalize services as needed and change them to suit your and your family’s needs.

All of our caregivers are professionally qualified and licensed where applicable, giving you peace of mind. Hours and tasks are managed conveniently and flexibly through our mobile platform. Naturally, we take the same COVID-19 precautions as we do for our workplace services.

Stress and anxiety have risen during the pandemic. However, combining simple coping strategies with external help will allow you to minimize their impact and keep you in control.

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