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How to manage your workplace during COVID-19

Strategies For Managing Employees’ Safety

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Employers who still have workers reporting in-person should screen every individual before they enter the premises. HR and senior leaders should continue on encouraging employees with symptoms to remain at home and amend policies to ensure sick employees can stay home without losing pay.

It is recommended to limit on-site teams to as few people as possible, providing more private spaces, and enforcing strict hygiene rules to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Employee Support Solutions

We realize right now, especially with school out, people are juggling different things with all of the uncertainty that's out there. A lot of companies are trying to find ways to make their employees' lives easier.

HR leaders can provide support in numerous ways, whether it's by dividing workers into teams that alternate work days or by considering corporate on-site screening and testing solutions.

How to Prevent The Spread of COVID-19

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 here’s a few points to note for returning to the workplace:

  • Adopt flexible working hours
  • Wear a mask when taking public transportation
  • Check body temperature when entering office buildings
  • Avoid crowded elevators whenever possible
  • Avoid holding or joining large-scale meetings
  • Reduce face-to-face contact with co-workers
  • Arrange flexible meal hours and avoid meal gatherings
  • Wash hands frequently and maintain good environment hygiene at workplace
  • After work, avoid crowded places
  • If you feel unwell, don’t go to work and seek prompt medical advice

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