HR Response to Biden Vaccine Mandate

It has been more than a month since President Joe Biden published his vaccine mandate to help the United States beat the COVID-19 pandemic. As initial reactions are calming down, several industries are under more pressure than others to comply.

Getting ready to fulfil the requirements may seem daunting, but there is help at hand for those needing to satisfy the government’s requirements.

What The Biden Mandate Means | A Quick Recap

The vaccine mandate announced at the beginning of September applies to companies employing more than 100 people and federal agencies and their contractors. For private businesses, the mandate is a vaccine-or-test mandate. Organizations need to ensure their employees have been fully vaccinated or tested for COVID-19 at least once per week. Federal agencies have less choice. Their teams must be vaccinated, and the same applies to contractors working with the government.

Why Organizations Should Act Now

The President’s mandate is a solid statement to ensure vaccination rates increase and more Americans get protection from severe disease. While the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is still drafting vaccination rules, and the government is urging businesses not to drag their feet.

White House officials have said that there is no reason for businesses to wait for OSHA’s rules. Instead, they should start vaccinating and testing right now to support the economy’s recovery.

How American Companies Are Reacting

The overall reaction from corporate employers has been positive: a federal mandate decides out of individual employers’ hands and helps those who have been wanting to create their assignments.

Several large employers are ahead of schedule: corporates including Tyson Foods, United Airlines, McDonald’s, and Walt Disney have been imposing their vaccination mandates since spring. For some, they cover all workers. Other cases include only part of the workforce. More businesses of large and medium-size followed during the summer, and others are in the process of implementing their mandates.

However, smaller companies have raised concerns about the administrative workload that comes with monitoring and record-keeping. Others fear they may lose up to 30% of their employees who do not want to comply with a requirement imposed at the federal level.

According to a Committee for Economic Development of the Conference Board (CED) survey, more than 50% of business leaders believe they would find it challenging to implement the mandate.

Make Your Workplace COVID-19 Free 

Similarly, the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) has signaled its support for the mandate. The AIA is now working with other government bodies to understand how members can comply or even get ahead of the new vaccine mandate.

Large contractors, including engineering company Leidos, BAE Systems, and defense stalwart Lockheed Martin have been implementing their directives for months.

This will put them ahead of the Department of Defense’s (DoD) announcement of required vaccinations for civilian employees. The DoD has laid out its requirement that existing and new employees need to be fully vaccinated by November 22, 2021. 

How Smaller Companies Can Cope

Many examples of companies already complying with the Biden administration’s requirements are large organizations with extensive human resources departments. This will make it easier for them to facilitate large-scale vaccinations as well as record-keeping or testing.

Smaller companies with just over 100 employees are likely to have fewer resources at their disposal. However, this does not make it impossible, complex, or even costly to comply. Finding the right partner to help conduct vaccinations for employees either on one site or across separate locations will ease the workload.

TrueCare™ has a proven track record of handling vaccinations for small companies as well as large organizations. In addition, our vaccination verification platform makes it easy to keep track of vaccinated employees and those who have opted out. Plus, we can facilitate regular COVID-19 testing.

The Next Step

To simplify compliance for employers, we have compiled a simple and straightforward Workplace Guide for Vaccination recording and COVID-19 free management.

Contact us directly to find out more about how we can help your workforce be safer and healthier without affecting your bottom line.

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