Make Your Workplace Safer Now with Proctored COVID-19 Testing

As businesses are nearing two full years of coping with the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the strategy to protect Americans is shifting towards testing. By making tests available to individuals and asking Americans to self-test, responsibility moves from medical professionals to laypersons. However, help is available through proctoring and other services. Here is a look at how businesses can support their employees.

COVID-19 Continues to Spread

The first few weeks of 2022 saw the number of COVID-19 infections explode across the United States. Even though the omicron variant appeared to be causing less severe disease, the sheer number of sick people started overwhelming hospitals.

One month into the year, the number of cases grows, but it no longer outpaces the previous week. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the seven-day moving average had dropped by 5% as of January 19 compared to the previous week.

However, daily new cases continued to be close to 750,000. Businesses throughout the United States continue to suffer due to unplanned absences of staff.

Why Testing Is Extremely Important

The risk exacerbates the problem that team members may pass the infection on to others before showing any symptoms. As a result, companies may lose several staff members simultaneously, which has a detrimental effect on productivity.

It is why the Biden administration’s decision to make rapid antigen tests available free of charge is essential. Neither businesses nor individuals need to pay for test kits unless they require more than eight tests per person per month.

Self-administered tests are fast and convenient. However, there is one potential issue. Rapid antigen tests require individuals to insert a probe deep into their noses. Without practice or medical training, this can be hard – and somewhat uncomfortable – to do.

The tests are not only aimed at those working in the U.S. They have also become an acceptable option for anyone wishing to travel – assuming they are done correctly.

How Proctored Testing Helps

Proctored testing is the answer to these concerns. Like proctoring for exams, the term refers to a supervised form of testing. While exams do not need to be supervised by an academic teacher, proctored testing for COVID-19 generally involves a medical professional.

The main difference lies in the procedure. Proctored COVID-19 testing is performed using online telehealth platforms. Airlines and cruise ships have started accepting tests supervised in this manner both for Americans leaving the country and returning from trips abroad.

Proctoring works by connecting the rapid antigen test with a telehealth provider. Individuals log on to the corresponding platform and start a video call to conduct the test. A person authorized by the test’s manufacturer supervises the actual test during the call.

The telehealth provider then issues a test report. When it comes to traveling, officials at airports or other ports must review individual test results either via digital or paper documents.

How To Use Proctored Testing For Your Organization

Employers and HR teams can use a similar system to keep their business operations and workforce safe.

At the beginning of January, at-home COVID-19 test kits were hard to find. They were sold out in pharmacies and listed as out of stock online. Manufacturers took a few weeks, if not months, to fulfill demand. The situation resembled personal protective equipment at the beginning of the pandemic.

By now, tests are becoming more widely available, easing the woes of organizations looking to protect their workforce. It is good news for HR professionals. They can now encourage their teams to test themselves regularly. The company’s health insurance plan will cover costs.

What Employers Can Do Now

Employers and their HR teams have had to navigate shifting guidance throughout the pandemic. Moving from encouraging and providing vaccination opportunities to large-scale testing will help keep their workforce safe and spot infections early, even without symptoms.

Offering regular testing, backed up by solid proctoring support, will give your workforce confidence in their safety at work. Over the past two years, many employees have used video call technology in their professional and personal lives.

Utilizing this technology for proctored COVID-19 testing is a logical next step to help keep American businesses working.

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