Preparing for the post-pandemic era

For more than a year, the coronavirus pandemic has dramatically altered our lives. Mental health and wellness have been impacted hugely, but they have also come into focus like never before.

As more people are receiving their COVID-19 vaccinations, our daily lives are opening up step by step. Rather than going ‘back to normal’ we now have an opportunity to redefine what we consider to be normal. With health and wellness in mind, it is important to pause and create a strategy that allows professionals inside and beyond the medical and wellness communities to build healthier lives.

Setting the Scene

Before considering post-pandemic strategies in detail, it is worth reminding ourselves of what wellness means. The Global Wellness Institute defines wellness as ‘the active pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health’.

As a matter of fact, wellness is a process rather than a state. Achieving it requires people to make active choices in support of their goal of achieving wellness. Moreover, wellness has multiple dimensions. They include physical and mental components, as well as emotional, spiritual, social, and environmental facets.

With that in mind, it is clear that health and wellness need to be at the heart of any successful plans for our post-pandemic world. They cannot exist in a vacuum, but instead need to permeate our professional and personal lives.

Finding the Opportunities

The initial crisis response to Covid-19 made heroes of medical professionals in some cases. Consequently, it quickly became obvious that heroism led to exhaustion. However, there were positive effects also as topics like burnout and exhaustion were being discussed openly, in many cases for the first time.

This observation can be applied to many other industries. After an initial period of adjustment to working from home and homeschooling, many people faced almost a year of isolation and social disengagement. Few companies or individuals were prepared for such a sizable shift in their working culture.

As businesses are re-opening and individuals are considering socializing in person, we must consider rebuilding our daily lives with health and wellness in mind.

For businesses this means thinking of wellness as a value rather than an issue. By looking at improving the organization, its processes and its culture, any company can make this transition from day one.

On an individual level, many of us have become part of an ‘always-on’ culture. Whilst this phenomenon was not brought about by the pandemic, working from home has blurred the divisions between work and home life even further.

Identifying issues is the first step towards addressing them. Neither businesses nor individuals have to face these changes on their own. Companies like TrueCare24 have a range of services available to help.

Rebooting Corporate Life

Despite a growing number of people having been vaccinated against COVID-19, businesses reopening now must consider how to protect staff and customers from getting sick.

The consideration is not only about physical health. Instead, it is also about alleviating fears of leaving home offices and once again sharing a space with a larger number of people, which may negatively impact on mental health.

Daily health checks for employees are a great way of reassuring staff and customers. Even before reopening, offering returning staff virus and antibody tests will limit feelings of anxiety and stress. For companies, this is a step towards making health and wellness a value rather than an issue.

Especially for large businesses, managing this type of testing can be a daunting task. This is when it is beneficial to hand over the testing process, both initially and daily to professionals. Businesses gain access to the right services at the required scale without having to commit to a long-term investment.

Whilst they may be using those services for COVID-19 testing now, they can be repurposed for a wider health and wellness program later.

Balancing Personal Lives

       Most professionals found their working lives and personal lives changed dramatically by COVID-19. In fact, working from home made it harder to distinguish between working and personal hours.

Those with family members requiring care struggled especially. Being worried about the risk of COVID-19 being spread by caregivers visiting multiple households meant that many families stopped hiring external help.

Whilst this reaction is understandable, it is likely to take a toll on the health of those taking on the additional work. With vaccinations reaching more caregivers, now is a good time to reassess whether you need homecare.

Homecare services can be targeted to your needs and range from an hour per day to full, live-in care. At the same time, simple and effective Covid-19 testing measures can be put in place to keep all parties safe.

Bringing it all Together

COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges for businesses and individuals. But the pandemic has also provided an opportunity to rethink our approach to health and wellness.

Prioritizing selfcare throughout professional and private lives will allow us to create more sustainable lifestyles. Putting the concept of wellness at the heart of a company’s organizational philosophy will help create a better work environment.

In a post-COVID life companies start understand that a heathier workplace can secure more productive workforce.

Striving towards greater balance in our personal lives is at least as important. An ‘always-on’ culture has eroded time spent with family and friends. As we face fewer restrictions on socializing, there is a chance to make a real change here.

Both professionally and privately, affordable health and wellness support is available.

Above all, resetting the world with health and wellness in mind requires a conscious, active effort. With these topics now being considered priorities, this is the time to start making long-lasting changes.

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