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With vaccines becoming more widely available, more organizations are opting to offer vaccination clinics to their staff.

The benefits are obvious: staff do not need to travel to an unknown site, and vaccinations can be scheduled during working hours. Hosting a vaccination event is an excellent way to increase workplace safety in your business premises.

To ensure a successful event, it is important to prepare thoroughly and choose the right partners. There is a wide range of guidance available online, including from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and individual state legislatures. No matter where you are based, here are five key steps to help your organization succeed.

  • Plan Ahead
  • Setup and Trial Logistics
  • Select the Right Partner
  • Keeping Everyone Safe
  • Provide Post Vaccination Guidance

Plan Ahead

Organizing a vaccination event for a small company can possibly be done quickly. However, if you run a business with several locations and hundreds of staff, it is important to put a solid plan in place.

Consider how many people need to be vaccinated and what their work schedules are. Some of your workforce has likely been vaccinated already, so you will not automatically have to arrange vaccinations for every employee. The HR department is often best placed to help collect this data.

Next, inventory potential locations. Large car parks lend themselves to setting up temporary facilities. However, using them for vaccination events means you need to provide alternative parking for your staff. Large conference rooms may be another option, if they are well ventilated and social distancing guidelines can be adhered to.

With the number of people determined and a space found, it is worth looking at other resources. Of course, you need medical staff to conduct the vaccinations. Administrative support tasks may be completed by volunteers. In many cases, some of your own staff may even want to be involved with the event.

If some of your workforce is required to travel to a vaccination site, this will add to you planning considerations.

Setup and Trial Logistics

Once you have a plan, try it out. The best plan can become unmanageable quickly if timings are unrealistic.

Check how long it really takes to sign in an employee for vaccination, confirm their medical details and history, and prepare them for their vaccination. In many cases, it is recommended that those who have just been vaccinated wait for a certain period in case of allergic reactions.

Vaccines require careful handling and cooling. Ensuring that your organization can provide those facilities is key.

Trialing logistics is all about understanding how well your proposed setup works. This is something you need to know before the actual event. Based on your trials, adjust, prepare, and communicate a schedule to your workforce. This will help with the smooth running of the event.

Select The Right Partner

Choosing a reliable vaccination partner will help run vaccination events smoothly, even if you are vaccinating many people. In fact, the right vaccination provider will be able to take care of much of the site setup and logistical considerations for you.

TrueCare™ was chosen by the state of Colorado to administer Colorado’s mass vaccination event at Ball Arena, in Denver as part of his Vaccines for All effort.

Whether you are looking to vaccinate staff across branches in all 50 states or need to cover a mobile sales force, TrueCare™ is here to help.

Our proven service includes vaccination events, COVID-19 testing, and offsite monitoring of symptoms. As a business owner or manager, you benefit from having one single point of contact.

Keeping Everyone Safe

Vaccination events bring people together. The process needs to be carefully managed to avoid transmission of the virus.

Providing sufficient personal protection equipment (PPE) is important, as is creating a flow of people to be vaccinated that avoids crowds forming unnecessarily. Equally important is the safe disposal of medical waste.

Provide Post Vaccination Guidance

Your staff need to know what to do after the vaccination.

Some people may experience side effects and require a couple of days to recover.

At the same time, remind your workforce that taking precautions such as mask wearing, and hand hygiene remains important. Most vaccines require several injections to reach their full efficacy. It is too early to become complacent. Whilst the United States is managing vaccinations very well, numbers are slowing down, and herd immunity has not yet been achieved.

Handing out checklists with easy-to-follow recommendations can help your employees protect themselves and their families and friends.

Setting up a COVID-19 vaccination clinic or event at your organization is a great way of ensuring your workforce has easy access to vaccinations. Logistics can be complex, especially for larger companies. This is where proven vaccination providers can help. They take care of the logistics, medical staff, vaccination supplies, and administration for you.

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