Staffing on Demand Can Help Hospitals Manage Personnel Supply Shortages

The numbers of infections and deaths from the omicron wave of the coronavirus are receding. However, hospitals continue to strain. Two years after the start of the pandemic, hospitals across the country have lost nurses and nursing assistants for various reasons. Combine that with the current labor shortage caused by the so-called “great resignation,” and it becomes easy to see why hospitals are stretched. Staffing on demand can help bridge the gap and ensure a high quality of care.

Why Nurses are in High Demand

Nursing has traditionally been a crisis-proof profession. Hospitals, doctors, surgeries, and other medical institutions continually look for qualified, highly-trained staff. Nurses, nursing assistants, and nurse practitioners have generally found it easy to secure employment.

Healthcare industry experts have long been aware that a nursing shortage was brewing on the horizon. According to the American Hospital Association (AHA), long-term challenges were evident as early as 2017. At the time, more than 50% of nurses in the U.S. were aged 50 or older; almost 30% were aged 60 or older.

The industry may lose 500,000 nurses, primarily because of retirement. As a result, the nationwide shortage of nurses will exceed one million, cresting challenging situations for hospitals

Apart from retirement, professional burnout is another reason nursing staff leaves the profession. Burnout has always been a concern for the industry, so hospitals plan with shortages in mind.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit in early 2020, it worsened an already challenging situation. Hospitals were pushed to breaking point, reports the New York Times. As the virus continued to mutate, it caused wave after wave of infections threatening the capacity of hospitals.

Nursing staff were facing punishing working conditions, having to cope with isolation wards, upset family members, and raised death rates. Many decided that nursing was no longer the career they wanted. The New York Times quotes a survey of critical-care nurses, in which two-thirds of the respondents admitted to considering retirement. 

How Staffing on Demand Can Help

Staffing on demand is an excellent solution for hospitals and medical institutions to solve their labor shortage. Platforms like Medical Staffing on Demand from TrueCare™  can support healthcare facilities in various ways:

  • Per diem and travel nurse staffing
  • Access to specialist nursing skills
  • Gateway to permanent hires

In either case, staffing on demand is simple and fast. As a hospital administrator looking to fill one or more positions, all you need to do is register on the platform and request staffing. The TrueCare™ team prioritizes staffing requests, making sure they are fulfilled in time.

Per Diem and Travel Nurse Staffing

If your facility finds it hard to fill nursing positions on your team, per diem or travel nurse staffing is the answer. Hospitals can hire fully qualified temporary staff for weeks, months, or even an entire year.

Staffing on demand is an excellent way of ensuring your patients are well cared for.

Access to specialist nursing skills

TrueCare™ nursing staff is thoroughly trained and licensed. We set the same high standards, whether you are hiring registered nurses, certified nursing assistants, licensed practical nurses, or nurse practitioners.

Before contracting medical staff, we conduct a mandatory professional screening. In addition, all of our team have access to a digital training center where they can upgrade their qualifications and add to them. As a result, we can give you access to specialist staff – on demand.

Gateway to Permanent Hires

Our on-demand nursing staff will integrate seamlessly with your existing team. If your facility requires long-term support, we can also offer full-time hiring solutions.

Nursing is a dynamic industry, but it seems clear that demand will remain high for years to come. It is partially due to a shortage of younger nurses being trained. The AHA reports that as early as 2019, nursing schools had to turn away over 80,000 qualified applicants. The association blames a lack of classroom space, faculty, and clinical training sites as the main reasons.

Choosing a Reliable Partner

Choosing a reliable partner is critical to doing on-demand staffing work for your hospital.

Apart from routine professional screening and access to training, your chosen staffing partner also needs to be able to fulfill your demand for temporary personnel.

Our team is working with a nationwide network of 150,000 medical professionals across different nursing levels. That means we have the staff you need when you need them. On average, staffing requests take 48 hours or less to fulfill.

To date, we have supported over 180 hospitals and care facilities.

You take care of patients. Let us take care of staffing!


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