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The High Volume of Travel Over Thanksgiving Break Calls for More Covid-19 Testing in The Workplace.

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Despite the growing number of Covid-19 cases across the country, millions of Americans traveled to visit their families this Thanksgiving. Given the year we have had, it was only natural to want to spend one of the most important family holidays with our loved ones. However, an increase in travel volume causes a higher probability of both contracting the virus and exposing others to it as well. With several weeks still left before the next holiday, keeping the workplace safe is a concern for many businesses and workers alike.

The best precaution one can make is to ensure workers get tested for the Covid-19 virus. Recent recommendations from UCSF Health, conclude that is reasonable to administer a COVID-19 test within a period of three to seven days after returning home from travel. This makes the first week of December an important milestone in ensuring the continuous workplace. Whether this means testing employees on-site, supporting them while they work remotely, or quarantine at home. Providing testing options for workers in a short period of time is a step that businesses are thinking of taking.

Safe and Convenient Covid-19 Testing

During unprecedented times such as these, outsourcing health screenings and testing may be the solution businesses are looking for. TrueCare24 offers such services - the unique opportunity for safe and convenient for Covid-19 testing. Since the beginning of the pandemic, TrueCare24 has developed experience in working with numerous types of businesses and can propose the best solution to meet the needs associated with organizing and performing testing for COVID-19. All coordination is carried out with the help of a dedicated operations manager, and the tests are performed by trained medical personnel. In most cases, the employer simply provides information regarding the date, place, and the number of tests required - TrueCare24 will take care of the rest. They offer FDA approved rapid testing as well as PCR and antibody tests. The results are centralized and can be viewed by employees as soon as they are available. Furthermore, in line with the procedures differing from state to state, TrueCare24 also notifies applicable government agencies.

Making safe, workplace or home-delivered test kits available is not only an essential and relevant goal, but also the right thing to do. The benefits of providing Covid-19 testing option extend beyond just keeping up with work, as we are getting closer to the end of 2020. The number of Covid-19 cases are increasing every day. It is crucial as ever to keep up the good practices of preventing the spread of the virus. By performing the tests for employees, businesses are contributing to ongoing prevention efforts, and taking socially responsible steps.

Moreover, while resuming operations, businesses can also support their workers during the often-demanding, end-of-year work schedule. Helping workers stay safe is one of the best ways of thanking them for their contribution and resilience during these challenging times.