Tracking Tools Help HR Comply with OSHA Vaccine Rule

When President Joe Biden announced his sweeping vaccine mandate in early September, businesses employing more than 100 people understood they needed to get ready to comply. One of the biggest tasks will be tracking individuals’ vaccination status.

While the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) continues to finalize exact requirements and protocols, some facts are already evident. Any company with 100 or more staff must verify that the team is vaccinated. Alternatively, HR teams and management need to offer weekly testing to those who opt out of vaccination.

The Biden mandate also covers federal agencies. Employees and contractors need to be fully vaccinated by December 8. While vaccines are widely available, HR professionals around the country must decide how they will track their team’s vaccination status.

Vaccination Verification Guidelines

Vaccinations have been documented for decades. Generally, healthcare providers would issue a paper card stating the date of vaccination and a batch number of the vaccine. Vaccination cards were used for travel and for keeping track of required booster shots.

With the COVID-19 vaccine, vaccination verification intends to reach further, and paper cards will no longer be sufficient. The risk of paper cards getting lost or damaged is too high. There is also a risk of cards substitution. As a consequence, society requires a new way of vaccine tracking.

Even the World Health Organization (WHO) has weighed in on the discussion and created the Smart Vaccination Certificate Working Group. The group published guidance for member states in August 2021, before the Biden mandate was announced. Its stipulations are broad and generic, allowing member states to create their digital certificates.

The Good Health Pass Collaboration (GHPC) is also developing principles and standards for digital health passes. One hundred twenty-five companies and organizations from the technology, travel and health sectors started work in February. While guidelines are in the finalization stage, American businesses must now prepare to comply with the mandate.

How Digital Vaccination Verification Works

Neither the WHO nor the GHPC suggests introducing vaccine passports. They also stop short of creating a formal connection between the vaccination record and what an individual can or cannot do. The guidelines also suggest that the forms need to remain independent of access to technology. Securing a vaccination record should not require a person to have to buy a smartphone, for example.

For many HR professionals in the United States, concerns are more practical. Their task is to ensure that vaccine certificates from many healthcare providers match with the internally accessible system. They also need to verify that the records are genuine. Moreover, HR teams must ensure the regular updates of the documents as new employees join the company or take advantage of booster shots.

The key to successful vaccination verification is to use a solid platform that will accommodate ongoing updates as more employees get vaccinated.

Tools like the Vaccination Verification platform from TrueCare™ allow management and HR professionals to access the vaccination data of employees in one convenient and straightforward dashboard.

Even if your organization has multiple locations and employees working on-site, from home, or in hybrid working models, this platform makes verification and tracking easy.

Get Started Smoothly

HR departments have an opportunity now to get ahead of the mandate and ensure they are compliant as soon as OSHA published its guidelines.

With the requirements of the mandate clear, there is no need to wait. Getting set up is quick and easy, too. HR professionals need to enter the data of the company’s employees. The platform then invites employees to confirm their personal information and upload proof of their vaccination status.

The tracking can be done using the TrueCare™ app or the website and does not take longer than a few minutes. Once the vaccination status is confirmed, it becomes visible on the dashboard. As an employer, it is easy to see the number of vaccinated employees and in which location.

Within minutes, it becomes evident whether there are locations where numerous staff members remain unvaccinated. It makes it easy to determine where you need to take action to make sure your organization complies with the mandate.

Next steps

The Biden vaccine mandate intends to keep employees and visitors safe as the country returns to working in offices and on-site. Complying with it is not only a legal requirement, but it is also the right thing to do to protect your workforce and their loved ones.

While implementing a vaccine verification system may seem time-consuming for businesses with multiple locations, technology makes it easy. Automating large parts of the process is cost-effective, no matter the size of your organization. Proven platforms allow your HR department to transition and comply quickly and without disruption.

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