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Since the Coronavirus became a global pandemic, our lives have been impacted in many ways. Families cannot see each other, holidays just aren’t the same anymore, and even how we work, and study has been affected.

Fortunately, thanks to scientists and doctors working around the clock, we’re able to fight the virus. Vaccinations are becoming more of a priority worldwide, and everyone is glad that there is a light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel. People are wondering if they’ll be able to travel once, they’ve received their vaccinations. It’s clear that we all want to return to a life as close to ‘normal’ as possible.

However, the new normal is like something from a post-apocalyptic film: masks, social distancing, and a focus on hygiene. America is leading the race to get everyone vaccinated. In the more than two months since the start of Moderna and Pfizer vaccines administration, over 64 million doses have been given. Vaccinations across the globe and in the US are of utmost importance for all national governments. The aim is to give 75% of the American population their first vaccine dose before October 2021.

People who have been vaccinated may gather inside with others who have been fully vaccinated without the need for masks or practicing social distancing. They may gather indoors with people from one other household who have not been vaccinated. This means that you can visit relatives who share a house and don’t need to wear masks or practice social distancing.  However, if anyone from the household has an increased risk of being ill from the virus, you should distance yourself from them for their own safety.

What About Travel?

Indeed, after vaccination, it will be easier to return to a more normal way of living. What does it mean for travel, though?

If you’ve been vaccinated, you can move around with more freedom. You will be allowed to travel within the United States without getting tested before or after your flight. You also will not have to self-quarantine. However, you will be expected to be careful when traveling outside the country. It is not recommended that you travel to high-risk countries. You don’t need to get tested again unless your destination requires a test.

It will be necessary for you to show your negative test result or related documentation before you board a flight from another country to the US. After international travel, you need to get tested within three to five days. You won’t have to self-quarantine after arriving in the US. Note that if you have been around people with the virus, you don’t need to get tested or isolate yourself unless you show any symptoms.

However, if you live in a group home or any group setting and have been around an infected person, you must isolate yourself for two weeks and get tested. You must be tested even if you show no symptoms. These rules apply to people who have been fully vaccinated, not those who still need to get their second shot. Should you not have received your second shot of the vaccination yet, you must act as if you have not been vaccinated yet. That means you must obey all rules in place for people who have not received their vaccination yet.

Travel, But Stay Safe

There are still strict rules to follow, even if you’ve received a Covid-19 vaccine. Medical experts say that although you may be protected, you can still carry the virus and pass it onto others. People traveling around and passing the virus will make matters much harder for everyone, so you cannot ignore the rules.

Here’s what’s expected of vaccinated travellers who are in public or gathering with people from more than one household who have not been vaccinated:

  • You must wear a mask
  • You need to practice social distancing and keep six feet between you and others
  • You must avoid crowds and areas that are not well-ventilated.

Whether you are on a bus, train, or any other form of public transportation, you must wear a mask regardless of whether you have been vaccinated. You will also be expected to wear a mask when you’re on national or international flights.

Life After Vaccination

We cannot expect things to be completely as they were before the pandemic. Once we have been vaccinated, we must still consider the people around us. Not everyone will be vaccinated yet, and we must keep unvaccinated folks protected. Also, don’t be in a hurry to travel once you’ve received your second vaccination dose.

Vaccines do not take effect immediately, so you could still be at risk. It is recommended that you wait two weeks before traveling or enjoying the freedom that comes with your vaccination. Traveling internationally is still risky, and you must follow the rules of your destination. Take precautions whether or not you’ve been vaccinated. Even if you are protected, you can still carry the virus and cause it to spread to others. However, being vaccinated makes travel a lot less risky, and we can expect travel to pick up.

Slowly, but surely, traveling can become less risky, and families can visit each other after many months of no physical contact. Once more people have been vaccinated, travel will become more acceptable and less of a hazard. You should get yourself and your family vaccinated if you want to return to a life of somewhat normalcy.

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Get vaccinated as soon as possible to help curb the spread of Covid-19. If more people are vaccinated, more will be safe and fewer lives will be at risk. Together, we can survive the pandemic and look back at a difficult time, knowing we did our best and came out stronger.

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