TrueCare has released its Attendance and At-Risk Program

News Release 

TAMPA (FL) – July 12, 2021 – TrueCare™ has today announced the release of its Attendance & At-Risk Program. This digital platform will help school administrators track attendance and communicate with parents, which is a key factor in assessing risks associated with the child’s overall health, safety, and potential for self-harm and suicide.

“Chronic absenteeism is largely defined as missing more than 10% of days in the school year – roughly 15 days a year or 3 days a month. There is growing evidence that absenteeism is associated with depression, social anxiety, stress, trauma, and other challenges in school and/or at home and can even be a reason for suicidal thoughts and self-harm in young people,” says Louis Camassa, Head of Product of TrueCare™.  

TrueCare’s Attendance & At-Risk Program works to build awareness of these factors thought their attendance management and communication suite. It streamlines how parents notify the school of their children’s absence and aggregate real-time attendance data so that it can be cross-checked with other systems. This reporting tool can help teachers and school counselors identify and aid at-risk students. 

The platform includes 3 pricing tiers and has a free trial period.

The market launch will be heavily supported by educational webinars and cross-marketing communications. 

Please contact us via [email protected]  for any further media inquiries. 

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