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Predicting Your Kids’ Futures – Why Absenteeism Matters

The coronavirus not only disrupted businesses and healthcare providers across the United States – education is another victim of the pandemic. As schools are returning to face-to-face teaching, absenteeism is a greater concern than ever before.

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What should parents and schools do to prevent schools’ absenteeism

Student absences have continued to grow at an alarming rate. This trend concerns all stakeholders involved, including parents, school administrators, and government organizations. While many realize that this is a growing problem, the cause is not always so clear.

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School absenteeism as a risk factor for self-harm and suicidal ideation in children and adolescents

According to ABC News, 40% of upper-year high school students were chronically absent from public schools in Boston during the fall of 2020, with a sharp rise in absenteeism among black, latino, disabled and English-learning students.

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How Attendance Tracking Helps Fight Chronic Absenteeism

The United States Department of Education referred to absenteeism as “a hidden educational crisis” in a report originally published five years ago. The report has since been updated to reflect the increasing problem.

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The new Attendance & At-Risk Program by TrueCare™ checks many boxes to assess and prevent chronic absences.

This digital platform helps school administrators keep track of attendance and allows communication with parents.

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