TrueCare releases “The Road Ahead for Health and Wellness” eBook

News Release 

TAMPA (FL) – December 17, 2021, | TrueCare™ announced the release of “The Road Ahead for Health and Wellness” eBook to address Health & Wellness strategies to help the business grow in the post-COVID world.

“It has become a cliché to say that the coronavirus pandemic changed every aspect of our daily lives. But this all-encompassing influence is also the reason behind another change: never before has workplace wellness been such a hot topic for employers and HR professionals,” comments Leo Popov, Co-founder of TrueCare™.

eBook talks about the critical dimensions of Health & Wellness and the benefits of having healthy employees for a business. It provides easy-to-implement and straightforward strategies to keep wellbeing and safety in a post-COVID workplace.

Please get your free copy here.


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About TrueCare™ 

TrueCare™ is a nationwide Health & Wellness platform for families and businesses providing end-to-end solutions for COVID-19 testing, screening, vaccination, home care, and corporate well-being services.

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