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Welcome to the TrueCare™ video library. Here we’re regularly publishing new videos related to the health & wellness industry, COVID-19 situational highlights, vaccination updates.

Behavioral Health Programs for Assisted Living Facilities

With our in-facility model of behavioral health counseling, we provide an optimal solution for residents who may be wary of accepting help with open arms.

We meet your residents where they are most comfortable—a highly effective approach benefiting residents, providers, and staff.

Fast and Reliable Per Diem and Travel Nurse Staffing

You take care of patients. Let us take care of staffing.

Our healthcare professionals are ready to work, highly trained, and exceed the most rigorous hiring standards. We make sure of this by using our Learning Management System. 

Improve Your Team’s Health with the Diabetes Screening Program

Diabetes is a major challenge for employers and health professionals in the United States. 1 out of 3 people have pre-diabetes and don’t even know about it.

One fourth of all healthcare costs are associated with diabetes, and more than $20 billion is spent annually due to unplanned absences due to Type 2 diabetes.

With the TrueCare Diabetes Screening Program organizations can easily screen their people for diabetes and their risks for developing pre-diabetes. The program provides individual recommendations to improve their peoples’ health, and helps executive realize healthcare cost savings.

Easily Verify Your Employees’ Vaccination Status

Verify the vaccination status of the people in your organization and record any specific exemptions. View individualized reports to reduce liability and stay in compliance with corporate/governmental policies.

With our platform, you can quickly invite employees to confirm their vaccination status, receive vaccination verification, view exemptions, and export the data for use in your internal systems.

This will also help you track those who aren’t vaccinated and those who increase the risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19, which potentially affect your organization’s overall health and liability.

Reduce Absenteeism and Keep Your Students Safe

TrueCare’s Attendance & At-Risk Program works to build awareness of these factors thought their attendance management and communication suite.

It streamlines how parents notify the school of their children’s absence and aggregate real-time attendance data so that it can be cross-checked with other systems. This reporting tool can help teachers and school counselors identify and aid at-risk students.

This digital platform will help school administrators track attendance and communicate with parents, which is a key factor in assessing risks associated with the child’s overall health, safety, and potential for self-harm and suicide.

TrueCare™ for businesses and families

TrueCare™ is a nationwide Health & Wellness platform for families and businesses providing end-to-end solutions for COVID-19 testing, screening, vaccination, home care, and corporate well-being services.

Our story began with a simple idea: our loved ones should be able to get high-quality care regardless of their income and status.

What this means is easy, convenient, around-the-clock access to capable, vetted nurses and caregivers. Additionally, it means reliable, professional support in provider selection, recruitment, and placement. We wanted to make this solution accessible and easy to use for everyone, in order to make life a little easier in tough situations.

Ball Arena Video Highlights

Sports arenas have been empty for far too long. How can we bring fans back? By getting as many people vaccinated as possible—which is what we did at Denver’s Ball Arena as a part of the State of Colorado’s Vaccines for All program.

Ball Arena became one of the nation’s biggest COVID-19 vaccination sites. Our proposal was approved on March 18th. Ball arena would be the site. 

The format would be drive-through. We turned the parking lots into a twelve-lane vaccination site in fifteen days, with three vaccination stations per lane. 


About TrueCare™ 

TrueCare™ is a nationwide Health & Wellness platform for families and businesses providing end-to-end solutions for COVID-19 testing, screening, vaccination, home care, and corporate well-being services.

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