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Welcome to the TrueCare24 video library. Here we’re regularly publishing new videos related to the health & wellness industry, COVID-19 situational highlights, vaccination updates.

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Our story began with a simple idea: our loved ones should be able to get high-quality care regardless of their income and status. What this means is easy, convenient, around-the-clock access to capable, vetted nurses and caregivers. Additionally, it means reliable, professional support in provider selection, recruitment, and placement. We wanted to make this solution accessible and easy to use for everyone, in order to make life a little easier in tough situations.

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WorkSafe – Your Daily symptoms checker

WorkSafe by TrueCare24.com is a simple & powerful tool for remote COVID-19 control. The platform services include:

✔ Daily employee health checks to safely assess risk

✔ Customized based on your workflow and policies

✔ Real-time results visible via the employer dashboard

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COVID-19 New Variants

With a new year at hand, there is reason to feel hopeful in the fight against Covid-19. As of the end of February 2021, cases have continued to fall globally for consecutive weeks. Vaccines have shown great promise and have begun to roll out in many countries.

Several new virus mutations have been discovered in recent months that may be more deadly and spread faster.

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A Comparison of COVID-19 Vaccines Available

As we head into the next phase of the pandemic, questions are still arising about the vaccines available on the market and how they differ.

What Vaccines Are Available Today?

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Onsite COVID-19 Virus & Antibody Tests

The best precaution one can make is to ensure workers get tested for the Covid-19 virus. Recent recommendations from UCSF Health, conclude that is reasonable to administer a COVID-19 test within a period of three to seven days after returning home from travel.

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