Why HR Teams Are Responsible for the Diabetes Prevention In Their Workplaces

November is National Diabetes Month, meaning there’s never been a better time for HR professionals to help their teams lead healthier lives. Right now, one in ten Americans has diabetes. What’s more, one in three may be at risk of developing this complex, chronic illness.

The good news is that most cases are preventable. HR professionals are in a great position to help their team be healthier, and their company saves thousands in healthcare costs.

  • Diabetes Costs To Your Business
  • Opportunities To Prevent Diabetes In The Workplace
  • How Technology Can Help

Diabetes Costs to Your Business

Can your business afford to lose $327 billion annually? Of course not. That is the cost of diagnosed diabetes in America every year, according to the American Diabetes Association (ADA). The combined cost of $237 billion in direct medical costs and $90 billion in reduced productivity.

Diabetes has become the nation’s most expensive chronic condition, with one in four healthcare dollars spent on caring for people with the condition.

Apart from the cost of hospital inpatient care, prescription medications, and other supplies, business operations suffer from operational consequences. Your company may have to cope with increased absenteeism and reduced productivity while at work. Diabetes-related disabilities can even make it impossible for sufferers to work at all.

Opportunities To Prevent Diabetes In The Workplace

The majority of cases of diabetes are preventable, meaning HR professionals have a fantastic opportunity to help their teams and their organizations.

There are two kinds of diabetes, type 1 and type 2.

Various genetic factors can course type 1 and are not preventable; more than 90% of those diagnosed in the United States have type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is related to unhealthy lifestyles and, therefore, preventable.

Moreover, most people who will eventually develop type 2 diabetes suffer from prediabetes first.

According to experts, one in three Americans has a prediabetic condition, even though 90% are unaware of their condition.

Prediabetes means a person’s blood sugar values are higher than average. However, they are not yet high enough for the person to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

At the prediabetic stage, it is possible to stop blood sugar values from deteriorating further. In some cases, they can even return to normal. It is where HR teams have a huge opportunity to make a difference in their healthcare costs.

Successful prevention starts with raising awareness in the workplace. As most prediabetics are unaware of the health danger, National Diabetes Month is the perfect time to discuss the illness.

The next step is to help employees understand how their lifestyle choices affect their risk of developing diabetes. Employees are more likely to make healthier choices when those choices are easy.

In a workplace scenario, this may include changing the choices available in vending machines or cafeterias. Encouraging activity breaks at regular intervals throughout the day helps counteract sedentary lifestyles.

The goal is to create long-lasting positive outcomes for your people and your company’s bottom line.

How Technology Can Help

There is no need for HR teams to turn into medical professionals.

Cost-effective and straightforward solutions like the Diabetes Screening platform from TrueCare™ can help to improve your teams’ health and reduce healthcare costs.

Early recognition means you can help employees make simple changes before healthcare costs start mounting up as an HR professional.

Start with a simple, free-to-use questionnaire, and the tool allows you to assess who is at risk of developing prediabetes in your team. The earlier people know they are at risk, the more likely it is that they can stop the progression of the illness.

Anyone at risk receives individualized recommendations. They may include tips to improve their diet or incorporate more physical activity into their daily lives. From an HR perspective, understanding who is at risk gives you an idea of the risk – but also the opportunity – for the entire company.

The new technology gives HR teams the fundamental knowledge to make recommendations that can influence the entire company’s culture. Our clinical team is on-hand to provide advice that will work for your company and minimize your diabetes-related healthcare costs.


American businesses face increased healthcare costs every year, and diabetes-related costs make up a large part of those.

As many diabetes and prediabetes cases are lifestyle-related and preventable, HR departments have an opportunity to impact their workforce’s health in the long term. Not only will raising awareness and offering a free assessment help the business reduce healthcare expenditure.

These measures will also help the individual employees lead happier, healthier lives for decades to come. National Diabetes Month is the perfect time to start making these changes.

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