Why It Is Important to Get Vaccinated Now

With vaccinations becoming more widely available across the United States, it would be easy to think that we can get back to normal.

However, as we are still far away from achieving the goal of herd immunity, it is now more important than ever to get vaccinated when you can. Here are the reasons and a look at what each of us can do.

The Numbers So Far

Vaccination programs have been successful across all of the United States. So far, every second eligible person has had their first dose. Just about 65% of Americans are fully vaccinated. This is an excellent result, given the short time the vaccines have been available. It is also testament to the determination of all involved in the rollout.

Looking at those aged 65 or above, the numbers are even more impressive: three out of four have been fully vaccinated in this group. However, even with progress being made, this is not yet a time to take our attention away from the importance of the vaccination program.

Reasons for the Vaccination

The benefits of the Covid-19 vaccination are numerous, and they stretch beyond protecting individuals. Getting vaccinated means increasing the safety of your family, friends, and your whole community.

  • Help Stop the Pandemic
  • Protect Yourself and Prevent Serious Illness
  • Protect Others
  • Get Back to a Normal Life
  • Vaccines are Safe

Help Stop the Pandemic

Over the past year, isolating, wearing face masks, and keeping a distance in public have all helped slow down the spread of the virus. However, none of these measures have stopped the pandemic. In fact, new variants of the virus are being discovered every month.

Predictions that the virus would disappear have proven to be wrong. As a consequence, we need to do all we can to fight its spread and prevent further serious illness and death. This is why the vaccine is so important. It can make the difference between stopping the pandemic or continuing to fight it for years.

Protect Yourself and Prevent Serious Illness

The vaccine works with your immune system and strengthens it. Once it has become fully effective, your body is much better prepared to fight COVID-19. In fact, data shows that even the first dose of the vaccine triggers an immune response that helps build your defenses. Having been fully vaccinated, your body is prepared to protect you if you are exposed to a strain of the virus.

It is true that you may still contract the virus. However, research has shown that the vaccination may make the difference between having a headache for a day or becoming seriously ill and having to be hospitalized.

Recovery from COVID-19 is not always quick or straightforward. Some patients suffering from so-called ‘long COVID’ have been struggling to get back to their normal state of health for months now. On the other hand, those vaccinated are more likely not to experience any symptoms at all.

Protect Others

Becoming vaccinated against COVID-19 is about more than individual protection. Anyone who has had their doses is helping protect others.

Research has shown that people with underlying health problems are more likely to be severely affected by a COVID-19 infection. Individuals with lung problems or diabetes, for example, are more likely to need hospitalization and recover more slowly.

Getting vaccinated as soon as possible means that you can protect those around you who are more at risk. This is relevant for our professional as well as our personal lives.

Get Back to a Normal Life

Apart from having to work from home, most of us have missed going to ball games and restaurants. More importantly, however, being able to socialize with extended families and friends will not be possible until more Americans have received their vaccine.

Granted, taking precautions like wearing masks indoors and using hand sanitizer is still recommended even after vaccination. The reason for this is that scientists are gathering more information to be sure of the level of protection the vaccine gives.

Being fully vaccinated already allows you to socialize outdoors without masks, and this is only the first step towards a return to normality.

Vaccines are Safe

Any vaccine currently used in the United States has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This means serious side effects are rare, and the vaccine you are receiving is efficient when it comes to protecting you from the virus.

How You and Your Business Can Help

As a business owner, it is in your interest that your team becomes vaccinated. If your staff have been working from home, becoming vaccinated will allow you to open offices again. Not all businesses have had that option: those unable to work remotely have taken greater risks for months. Vaccinations will help mitigate those.

Offering vaccinations to your workforce does not have to be disruptive or forbiddingly expensive. In fact, TrueCare™ has developed the logistics and the professional support network to vaccinate your staff when and where it is convenient to you.

Vaccinations are an important tool in our fight against COVID-19. They will help slow down the spread of the virus throughout the United States and prevent unnecessary deaths. Becoming vaccinated protects you, your friends and family from serious illness or even death. It will also allow people to start living a normal life again. Socializing without wearing masks or keeping a distance will once again become normal and safe. For all of those reasons, becoming vaccinated as soon as possible should be a priority for everyone.

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