WorkSafe app. doubles Covid-19 Screenings in 6 Months to Reach 400 Thousand


SAN FRANCISCO – March 11, 2021 – TrueCare24, a company dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare services, announced an exciting milestone of performing 400 thousand Covid-19 screenings via the WorkSafe app. TrueCare24 has played an important role in the fight against the pandemic by making this important health screening app widely available.

Despite encouraging information in the new year, Covid-19 continues to spread. Even with mass vaccinations ramping up, employers must continue to track Covid cases and keep records of employee health conditions to prevent future case spikes.

The WorkSafe platform is designed to provide daily health checks to safely assess employee health and determine potential risks. With a simple digital questionnaire, employers can get real-time feedback about their employees’ potential exposure to the virus through the employer dashboard. Employees are notified immediately if they are work-ready or need to stay home. The health check can be customized to suit business needs in several ways based on the business workflow and practices.

TrueCare24 is happy to report that since September 2020, the number of WorkSafe screenings has consistently grown, almost doubling in that short time to reach 400 thousand.

Leo Popov, the company’s co-founder, had this to say about the success of the screenings:  “We’re very excited to extend the accessibility of the WorkSafe platform, while simultaneously expanding its functionality. One of the biggest challenges to mass vaccination is getting the right manufacturers’ shot into the correct arm, at the right time. By making it easier for employers to track the doses and dates on which vaccines should be administered, we’re helping organizations fulfill the responsibility of providing easy access to health and wellness services, including vaccinations on-site.”

WorkSafe can give businesses peace of mind knowing their employees are better protected against the spread of the virus. WorkSafe is currently offering a free trial for new users. To learn more about this offering and how the WorkSafe platform can assist businesses, visit joinworksafe.com.

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