Your Guide to COVID-19 Free International Travel

As the Omicron wave of COVID-19 subsidies across the United States and worldwide, international travel is possible once more. Numerous countries are opening up for business travelers and others. However, most destinations still require negative Covid-19 tests as a prerequisite to enter the country. COVID-19 test home collection kits are among the most straightforward and safest options for travelers.

What You Need to Know About COVID-19 and International Travel

If you have had to miss out on international travel for the past two years, you may not have to wait for much longer. Around the world, countries are loosening restrictions for international travelers. Options for both business and leisure travel are becoming more widely available.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet over. The 7-day average for new infections may have dropped from more than 800,000 new infections a little over a month ago. But still, more than 100,000 Americans are becoming infected with the coronavirus every day in the U.S. alone.

The numbers make it clear that the omicron wave is subsiding here. In other countries, case numbers may still be increasing. But for anyone looking to travel, it is essential to understand that the pandemic waves are not perfectly synchronized worldwide.

Negative Test Results as a Condition for Entry

Most countries require a negative COVID-19 test result as a condition to enter. Other countries may require quarantine and further tests on arrival. In some cases, travelers even need to prove they are healthy before checking in.

Individual regulations vary, but most countries require new arrivals to show a recent negative COVID-19 test. Most specify a specific timeframe before departure within which the test needs to be taken.

Business travelers need a convenient and flexible method to comply with those regulations, and the COVID-19 test home collection kit offers that.

Proctored Testing at Work or During Travel

A turnkey COVID-19 proctored testing solution from TrueCare strikes a balance between quick, efficient testing and medical supervision. These test kits are convenient and straightforward to use, wherever you are. Pre-travel testing is obligatory in most cases, but you can also take test kits on your journey to give you peace of mind during your travels.

Proctored testing combines the benefits of telehealth with the convenience of testing at home, at work, or while traveling.

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The tests are capable of detecting active infections with or without symptoms.

There is no need to send swabs away to a laboratory and wait for a result. TrueCare™ telehealth services are available to guide you through the procedure. Within 15 minutes after the test, the results are accessible via an online dashboard. That means you can plan your trial and travel without fear of delays.

Travelers can access their test results anytime, from anywhere. Plus, the test and its results meet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) conditions of proof of a negative test result.

Repeated Testing Made Easy

There is a recommendation to test twice over three days. Medical professionals advise leaving a gap of at least 24, but no more than 48 hours between tests.

If you show symptoms of COVID-19, the test can confirm the infection within the first seven days of its onset. While recommendations may change, the CDC recommends isolation after a positive test.

Restart Your Business and Protect Your Team

Many businesses have moved much of their activity online over the past two years, holding meetings with the help of video conferencing software. However, countless owners, managers, and HR professionals agree that face-to-face meetings can be more efficient. For those companies, business travel is essential.

COVID-19 testing means that employers and employees do not have to choose between safety and commerce. Regular testing means organizations can protect customers and employees while benefiting from international travel.

The test kits are light and small, and they will easily fit into a cabin bag or checked baggage. Anyone traveling for several days can take additional tests to re-check during their trip and confirm they are healthy.

Check Before You Travel

Testing for a COVID-19 infection is not the only thing business travelers need to remember in 2022. As most countries define their entry requirements, it is essential to check the required steps for each destination. Remember also that regulations change regularly.

At TrueCare™, we recommend that you reach out to your destination’s government for their specific requirements and timelines before ordering your test kits. You can also find the latest country-specific requirements for international travel at travel.state.gov. Bear in mind that while we do everything we can to deliver as quickly and efficiently as possible, shipping times may be unpredictable.

If your team travels regularly, consider stocking up on test kits now to avoid problems later.

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